Saturday, December 31, 2016

Alek Kowalczyk's EPRV Designs

When Director of Operations Michael Allen assigned Set Designer Alek Kowalcyk to develop a dark ride vehicle that would be used in Forbidden haunted house, Kowalczyk created sketches of what he called the Electrically Propelled Rotating Vehicle, or EPRV for short. The car would have 2 rows, the rear higher than the front, and sit 3 passengers in each. Each EPRV would have its own built-in motor, allowing the car to speed up, slow down, or stop completely as programmed by a computer. The vehicles would run on a main track in the center of the floor and a second guide rail would rotate the vehicle to face scenes as desired. Each EPRV would have an on-board computer that would relay information to a motherboard in the attraction's control booth, allowing several cars to operate at once (this is called a block-system). The idea was put aside later that year because there was not enough money, but the company has said that they plan to bring back the plans.

Image credits: Alek Kowalczyk

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